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You Know What You Want

At Lantern & Scroll our philosophy is “we are here to help.” If while browsing our collections you do not find your perfect light fixture or your space requires precise sizing constraints, we are happy to custom manufacture a light fixture for your needs.

At Lantern & Scroll our philosophy is “we are here to help.”

I Only Want A Minor Tweak To An Existing Light

I sometimes here customers in my showroom say, “I guess I like this one.” My response is always, “I’m not selling you a light you don’t love. What would make you love this light?” Usually it is just a minor tweak of the standard light: perhaps the holes become squares, brass cross bars are added, or a few inches are removed. Usually these minor tweaks do not increase the production time and come at a minimum cost. Ultimately, we know our lights do not come cheap and we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you think the light would look better with a slight modification, please let us know!

I Have An Idea For A Custom Light

We have all been there, you see something you want and you just cannot find it anywhere (or at least anywhere in your budget). This is where Lantern & Scroll can help by bringing your vision to light.

Designing a custom light may seem overwhelming at first, but we work one-on-one with our customers from the initial vision through production, while keeping in mind timing and budget. Rest assured that every custom light is made with the same craftsmanship and high quality workmanship as our standard lights.

Initially, we will ask you to provide either desired dimension modifications for an existing design or concept information for an original design. At that point, your sales coordinator submits the information to our product development team. The product development team will work with your requirements to create a prototype drawing of your custom light fixture and determine pricing. Once all parties are satisfied with the final design, manufacturing can begin.

As you might expect, the creation of a one-off custom light fixture can be quite complex—but we see this as our challenge, not yours. A custom light fixture typically takes between 4 to 8 weeks to manufacture, depending on the degree of difficulty.

Please call, email, or visit our showroom for more information.

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